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Please use the form below to add a new scholarship to our website. To get started, please review our submission guidelines at the bottom of this page to ensure your award is appropriate to list on our website. Once you submit your scholarship details, a Mega Scholarships representative will review it over the next few days.

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Please enter an administrative contact should our research department have questions. This information is private and is not displayed with your scholarship listing.

Submission Guidelines

To ensure the quality of the scholarships listed on the scholarship database, programs must meet the following criteria:

1. Contact information including a mailing address, e-mail and phone number must be prominently listed on the website.

2. There must be a link from the homepage of the website to the actual scholarship application page or downloadable form. Scholarship application pages that do not have links from the homepage will not be accepted.

3. The provider must be able to provide proof that the stated award amounts are actually provided to students.

4. There must be evidence of a source of income to support the scholarship program.

5. The purpose of the scholarship and/or sponsor website must not be primarily for search engine optimization or an affiliate program such as the Amazon affiliate program.

6. The provider must not engage in commercial activities that violate our acceptable use policy. This policy includes not listing sites that engage in or promote the following: tobacco products, alcohol or illegal drugs; mature/adult themes, pornography; advertisements for any product or service which gratuitously uses the word "sex" or other sexually explicit or vulgar term or description; gambling sites and other products or services or websites involving wagering; biased political views; bigotry towards any racial or ethnic group; distasteful humor/jokes; unethical educational practices such as essay selling or services that promote plagiarism.

7. Providers must not list false information about themselves.

8. The website must have substantial and quality editorial content or be a product or service company with actual products or services to sell or be a verifiable non-profit organization.