Mega Scholarships - Winners


Scholarship Winner - THEO GOFF
Location: Spring, TX Sports(s): Track GPA: 3.8 College: Texas A&M University

Theo Goff is an accomplished cross country runner. He qualified to compete in the FL X-Country South Regional, but was injured and didn’t compete. Theo was the first person in his school’s history to go to nationals. He was elected team captain and led his cross country teammates to the state championships. After his family relocated to Colorado, Theo stayed back in Texas to continue being part of his team. This meant working 40 hours, and running 70 miles, every week. Despite this, Theo continues to excel in his academics and has committed to Texas A&M to run. Theo is selfless, almost to a fault. After witnessing a car crash behind him, he broke one of the windows with his bare hands to pull the passenger out and keep them conscious. This resulted in him injuring his hand, but he saved the passenger’s life. He wants to major in Kinesiology and become a head coach to give back to his sport, and to honor his coach who made him believe he could go to college.

Scholarship Winner - RYAN WINTERS
Location: Poway, CA Sports(s): Basketball, Pole Vault, Track, Baseball GPA: 4.3 College: California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Ryan is not your average varsity track and field athlete. Despite the extreme challenges his family faced during the recession, Ryan was able to maintain an unweighted 4.0 GPA and achieved a near perfect score on his SAT, 1500 out of 1600. While also excelling in academics, Ryan shined in sports. During his junior year, he became one of his school’s top pole vaulters. He truly loves his sport and his team: to him, they are a real community and everyone is there to support and encourage one another. In college, Ryan hopes to study biomedical engineering at Cal Poly because his brother has struggled with Type 1 diabetes for years. He has volunteered at hackathons that make diabetic glucose data more open and accessible to people that need it. Using his polished teamwork skills, Ryan aims to move scientific and technological advances beyond providing individuals with an improved ability to manage diabetes to an actual cure for the disease.